Easy to clean

Our Holi Color Powders contain corn starch and a color additive. Because of this fact, our Holi Powders are easy to clean. Streets and walls can be cleaned with a broom / vacuum cleaners and water easlily. Be aware that even our Holi Powders might leave a little haze on light fabrics. If you need any advice regarding cleaning your holi party venue, please contact us.

We have catered thousands of Color Events around the globe. If you need any assistance getting your event permit, we will assist you and share all necessary documentation proving the product is safe for use and harmless to color party participants and environment. Kingdom of Colors is proud supplier of the highest quality holi powders used in the market!

Our Holi Powders are tested and approved for the EU/US market. The product confirms to the highest worldwide standards. We put a lot of effort in keeping our product quality at the highest possible level, to meet the continiously changing authority standards.

Our Holi Colour Powders are:


  • 100% natural / Cornstarch
  • Eco friendly and bio-degradable
  • Non flammable / non-dust explosive tested in USA (OSHA) & EU (VDI 2263(1)
  • Easy to wash from clothes / environment / hair / Skin