Organise your own color run

Color Run offers you complete packages to have enough Holi Colors for your Color Run! Our Color Run Packages are specially designed to supply enough Holi Color Powders for the number of participants attending your event. Turn your Fundraiser Event, School/Sportclubs Event into a great success with our packages!

For a Color Run, you need Holi Colors to supply your Color Stops: use our easy-to-handle bulk bags of 10KG or 25KG at the Color Stations!  For the Count Down at the start and the finish party, we supply 70 gram bags. Two bags per participant, so you have one for the Count Down before the start and one for the finish party. This gives color runners the opportunity to throw some powder paint themselves. The powder paint is easy to clean, safe and non flamable /non dust explosive. If you are wondering how to organize a color run, rainbow run or Fun Run, do not hesitate to contact us!

How to organize a holi color fundraiser

Are you planning to organize a holi color fundraiser? We have assisted many NGO´s, schools, universities and sports clubs organizing successful holi color fundraisers. Most of the time these were color run fundraisers, but a fundraise color party or small holi color festival is also big fun. Many non profit organizations, shools and Hindu societies use a color fundraiser these days. It is a lot of fun, it gives great pictures and movies for promotion and social media. Most important, it helps a lot generating funds. If you are wondering how to organize a holi color fundraiser, please contact us for the best and safe Holi Gulal and advice how to organize a holi color fundraiser.